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Cryptochrome is the genre-defying, boundary-pushing, brave new project of anglo-german lyricist Anik, Hamburg-born prodcer S.O.N. (both formerly of the legendary european hip-hop crew Dark Circle), and Icelandic lyricist and songwriter Una.  Said by some to be the most exciting band on the Icelandic music scene today, Cryptochrome are setting the stage for a very influential and wave-making future.

Having separately settled in Reykjavík, Iceland a decade ago, Anik and S.O.N. went about quietly exploring the limits of their given discipline, while Anik went on to collaborate with Una on various lo-fi experiments.  Now, after having tweaked and refined to their full potential, Cryptochrome are ready to unleash their fully-honed soundscape to their eagerly anticipating audience.

Their first album ‘Cryptochrome‘, a project of regrouping, rediscovery and redirection, was released in 2013 on Defcon Records to a very welcoming reception. With their second album ‘Lightstation‘, the band present their unified, accomplished, cohesive sound, and prove that they are a unit capable of competing at the very highest levels.

Cryptochrome are one of the most intriguing, genre blending groups  making music right now. Mixing beat heavy, underground hip hop and bouncey eletronica with a nomadic, positive energy, you can’t help but be moved by their latest offering. ” – Dan Larkin, The Left Hand Side / Wordplay magazine

All three members of Cryptochrome are trained in the visual arts, and do the majority of their own videos, graphics, artwork, and stage design.

(Dark Circle’s first ever vinyl release, the now classic “Perfactionist / Paradoxes” was released on Defcon Records in the year 2000.)

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