One of UK hip hops constants for the past decade the Freestyle master started his life hyping up shows for anyone purely for the love of a good party. Natty is able to overcome pretty much any problems with his ability to beatbox, DJ, freestyle and write thought provoking and braggadocio styles.

natty speaks

His early career started off freestyling in and around Kent for free booze and entrance to parties before partnering fellow rhyme junky Dwella.  After putting out various 12″‘s and supporting other talented artists including DarkCircle Natty went on to collaborate with UK Hip Hop Pioneers such as Skinnyman, Mr Thing and Taskforce. Natty soon got to work on his own debut album and didn’t disappoint when finally releasing ‘About Time’ Which reached over 52 countries worldwide as the soundtrack to ‘Gumball Rally’ (Channel 4) and Streetball Extreme ‘Battle for Europe’  (Extreme sports Channel)

Natty has supported artists from Big Daddy Kane, Ugly Duckling and  Rahzel to sharing the line up with Roots Manuva,  Ed Sheeran, Wu Tang Clan and P Money. On top of this Natty has performed for Radio 1 essential selection and more recently Smashed up Glastonbury 2013 with his freestyle flows and hosting genius.

Natty has had an album on the boil for some time now and everyone in the Defcon camp eagerly awaits. Music is about creativity and Natty is a firm believer of that. Natty is always busy having started up the Defcon workshops to provide skills and confidence for young people in the UK and around the World Partnering with as well as supporting many others.

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