Joe Burn

jdot-logoJoe Burn (JDB), Living his early years in the Jamaican hills, to the ‘dog town’ of Bideford in the hills of North Devon’s coastline, he spent his childhood at festivals and parties run by the infamous southwest based ‘Sewerside’ crew.

Joe grew up around sound system culture, and the UK’s underground scene of art and music. From a young age he has been scoping the scene, observing UK Hip Hop and reggae legends who dropped by to play on his dad’s sound system.

Brought up on the festival circuit, Joe Burn honed his street smarts tearing around site, dodging security and blagging off stall holders. The consequence of this background is an anti-Establishment streak that runs through lyrics that snipe at ‘sniffer dogs on the festival gates’ and ‘politricking the peasants’.

With a sharp tongue and easy wit, staccato banter and a bass heavy sound, influences of drum n bass, grime, reggae and hip hop, Joe Burn has been moving crowds at club nights and festival slots for many years, and is back on the circuit for 2015, setting a foundation for whats to come. The young wordsmith brings a high energy performance with a wide range of sounds and ‘rapid fire’ syllable chatter.

His debut EP, ‘Spark It Up’ comes off the back of well received support slots for the likes of Lethal Bizzle, The Four owls, Dirty Dike, Daddy Skitz, Deadly Hunta, Leaf Dog, Mungo’s Hi-Fi, Triple Darkness, The Mouse Outfit, Buggsy, Brothers Of The Stone, Gentleman’s Dub club, Roll Deep, Ugly Duckling, Tippa Irie and David Rodigan.

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