About Defcon Records

defcon-explosiveDefcon Records started in 1998 since its conception it has released music from Natty and Dwella, Manage, Mr Thing, Charlie Little, Blood One, Immortal, Caxton Press, CryptoChrome, DarkCircle, Urtik-R , Kamer, Global Inhabitants, Joe Burn, Skitz, First Rate, MrBasista, Profit, The Timebanditz and of course the legendary Charitable Volumes with LyrixOrganix.

After a well rested period, Defcon Records returned with a new vibe, new artists and a new outlook, the aim to release dope music across multiple genres. embracing the unique and diverse culture that the British melting pot has always offered. From HipHop to Drum and Bass, Jungle to Britcore this label has been supporting underground artists and music from day one.

Prepare to be taken on journey where we will be bringing you Fresh artists, music, imagery and madness. Linking and collaborating with some of the deepest and intriguing minds to bring you a sound that will capture the imagination of a changing generation. From Iceland to Mauritius, Germany to Japan and France to Switzerland.

Its time to raise the vibration… awaken your minds…¬†embrace real change and join us on a journey of a life time.

Stand Out
Get your Sound Out

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